Are you a sex expert? Are You a Sex Expert?

So many of us think we know a lot about sex and are spectacular in bed. There is more to it than confidence. Being a sex expert means having a wide range of knowledge on the different areas of sex. Sex means many different things to people but it has come to mean more than just the physical act. There are many different aspects of sex that have emerged but we can simplify it by considering the physical and emotional dimensions. The most satisfying and rewarding sex experiences come from mastering each aspect of sex.

The Physical Act

What do you know about the physical act? What do you consider sex to be? What do you know about how bodies function while engaging in the activity? There is more to be known about the physical side of sex than simply where things go. When most people think of sex, they assume that it refers to intercourse where the penis enters the vagina. This assumption is not always correct. The act can and does include much more than penile-vaginal intercourse. The physical act could include oral or anal sex. There is also physical intimacy that is experienced between same-sex couples or with those who are transgendered. There are plenty of things that fall into the physical realm of sexual behavior.

Aside from the diverse activities that can be described as sex, there is more to learn about the physical side of it. How do our bodies respond to stimulation? What causes us to orgasm? What causes us to be susceptible to sexually transmitted infections? How does sex impact our overall physical health? Our bodies are complex and amazing biological machines. The more you know about how something works, the better you are able to facilitate its function. An aspiring expert has much to learn about the physical side of sexual behavior.

The Emotional Act

Is sex ever purely physical? Some may say yes and while the emotional response may be less in some cases, sex always has some impact on our emotional health. When we engage in these fun activities, our brain releases hormones that make us happy. These typically tend to improve our mood and contribute to our sense of well being. For some, this is enough without any further need for intimacy. For many of us, it creates a desire for closer emotional intimacy. Can increased emotional intimacy help us reach more mind blowing levels of sex? The majority of people say yes.

Relationships can be complicated and even more so when they contain a sexual or romantic component. How we respond to our partners in times of crisis or happiness plays a part in how we respond to them during sexual activity. Learning ways to strengthen your emotional bond and relationship will increase your passion and experience.

Experts Never Stop Learning

Sex experts never stop learning, just like the experts in other fields. If you wish to become an expert and enhance this area of your life you need to keep adding to your knowledge. Ask questions, be open, and continue learning. Share your knowledge with others. Join our Newsletter for new information.


Explore Sex Talk wants to connect you with the important information you need to know about sex, sex education, and relationships. We seek to make it easy for you to ask questions about an area of life that people are usually embarrassed by. Sex is fun, why shouldn’t talking about it be? Get over your discomfort and join the open conversation now!

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