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Explore Sex Talk wants to connect you with the important information you need to know about sex, sex education, and relationships. We seek to make it easy for you to ask questions about an area of life that people are usually embarrassed by. Sex is fun, why shouldn’t talking about it be? Get over your discomfort and join the open conversation now!

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the steel phallus festival takes place in japan every year
The Steel Phallus Festival
In Japan every year there is the Kanamara Matsuri, or Steel Phallus Festival, in the first weekend in April. It happens at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki which is a fertility shrine. This festival is a penis-themed celebration of fertility, reproduction, and sexual health. There is a large push to generate awareness and funds for […]
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what is sex positivity
What is Sex Positivity?
There are a lot of ways to look at sexuality. People are influenced by their upbringing, culture, religion, and their life experiences. Our ideas about sexuality evolve throughout our lives based on all these factors. As we have more open discussion in society about sex and relationships, we’ve developed new ideas and terminology. In recent […]
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do you get embarrassed talking about sex
Do You Get Embarrassed Talking About Sex?
Sex can be a difficult topic and many people are easily embarrassed talking about it. There are plenty of reasons why it can be a really uncomfortable topic. It can depend on how a person was raised, their cultural background, their previous experiences, and their religious beliefs. All of these things come together and influence […]
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what causes unusual vulva smells
5 Reasons Why A Vulva May Smell Different
A vulva is a complex system. It has its own pH balance and produces its own healthy bacteria and fluids that naturally clean the vagina. Everyone has their own natural odor that they give off but sometimes that odor can be different or unpleasant. There are a number of things that could impact the smell […]
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3 tips to resolving a fight with your partner
3 Tips to Resolving a Fight with Your Partner
Solid and open communication is the key to any kind of successful relationship. The difficult thing about communication is that there are many different layers to being able to do it successfully. When we are having a fight with someone close to us, emotions can end up running high. We can feel vulnerable it can […]
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what is pornography
What is Pornography?
Pornography, often called porn, is a representation of sexual behavior that is meant to excite and cause sexual arousal. It can be in many different forms like video, pictures, podcasts, books, statues, or other media. The word, pornography, is was originally defined as any work of literature or art depicting the life of prostitutes. It […]
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LGBTQ2S* Victim of sexual violence
Sexual Violence & the LGBTQ2S* Community
Sexual violence is an ongoing problem for many communities across the world. It is a very complex issue that is influenced by a variety of different factors. There is a common perception that sexual violence only happens towards women but this is not always the case. People of any gender can experience sexual violence. Research […]
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how do you know if you're in love?
How Do You Know If You’re In Love?
Love can be very confusing, especially if you’ve never been in love before. So how do you know if you’re in love? We get a lot of messages about what love should look like through the media. We are shown what the idea of perfect love looks like in TV and movies. Most of us […]
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do you know the basics of water based lube?
Your Basic Guide to Water-Based Lube
Water-based lubricants can be used to really enhance your sexual experience. Whether you are enjoying some self-love or enjoying time with others, you may wish to try experimenting with some lubricants. Our bodies produce much of their own lubricants. Saliva is a free and readily available lube. Vulvae also produce their own lubrication. With the […]
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should you pee after sex?
Why Should You Pee After Sex?
So you’ve probably heard that people should be peeing after sex. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably heard this multiple times in your life. What’s the point? Does it matter for anyone with a penis to pee after sex? Is peeing after sex a mandatory must? Urinating, in general, serves an incredibly important function for […]
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