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Greetings to the curious. Greetings to those seeking answers. Explore Sex Talk is all about opening up conversations around sexuality and relationships. So many people get weird talking about an important part of the humanity. Why does it have to be weird? Or uncomfortable? The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. Sex is fun, so why shouldn’t talking about it be?

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Kamloops Schools Create Task Force to Increase Student Safety
In the wake of a series of allegations that have been coming forward, Kamloops schools are looking at updating their […]
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When Can Consent be Withdrawn?
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immodest women
We still live in a world where we still need to fight for equality. Many of the old prejudices and […]
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#DroptheB Controversy… Should Be #DroptheJudgment
Have you heard about the #droptheb controversy? The LGBTQ2SA* community has for years used a variation of this acronym. Each […]
do soulmates make a difference
Does a Soulmate Make a Difference?
Do soulmates exist? And if they do, does it make a difference if you are with yours or not? Relationships […]
what is oral sex?
What is Oral Sex?
When we are talking about sex, it can mean more than just one thing. Oral sex is one type of […]