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Greetings to the curious. Greetings to those seeking answers. Explore Sex Talk is all about opening up conversations around sexuality and relationships. So many people get weird talking about an important part of the humanity. Why does it have to be weird? Or uncomfortable? The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. Sex is fun, so why shouldn’t talking about it be?

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What is an Orgasm?
An orgasm is the sensation of intense sexual pleasure. It is often considered the climax or peak of sexual activities […]
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Basic Anatomy of the Penis
The penis is the primary sex organ of one of the two types of reproductive organs commonly seen in humans. […]
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How Does Materialism Affect Our Relationships?
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What is Rape Culture?
Rape culture is a toxic set of beliefs that are commonly held about the way the world is. It is […]
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Do Beliefs About Love Impact Your Relationships?
There are lots of different ideas when it comes to love. Some people think that you need to work to […]
what is sexual orientation
What is Sexual Orientation?
Sexual orientation describes what a person is sexually attracted to. It describes who a person is pursuing. Often this is […]