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link between masculinity and penis size
By the Power of Penis! Exploring the Link Between Masculinity & Penis Size
It’s not hard to find a reference to masculinity and penis size. In North America, and many cultures across the world, there is a pre-occupation with the concept that a larger penis means more masculinity and power. Many insults, as well as compliments, play into this idea. We hear it when people criticize a person […]
should i play hard to get?
Should I Play Hard to Get?
Some people think that it’s necessary to play hard to get. But what does that actually mean? When we are talking about dating and relationships, this usually refers to putting up some resistance to the attention given by another person. The attention may be their pursuit of a relationship or simply interested in a casual […]
fighting in a relationship
Is Fighting in a Relationship Healthy?
Can fighting in a relationship be healthy? A certain amount of conflict is natural and to be expected. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship we have with a person, conflict will occur at some point. This will also be true for our romantic partners. So if fights occur naturally, why do we worry about […]
what is birth control
What is Birth Control?
Birth control is any number of methods that work to prevent human sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg inside of the vulva. The basic goal is to prevent pregnancy. There are a number of different types of birth control and each varies in effectiveness, expense, and method. There are a number of reasons why […]
is porn real
Is Porn Real?
Is porn real? Is it a good way to learn about sex? Many people think that watching porn can teach them how to be better in bed. It seems like a great place to pick up tips right? Well maybe not. Porn is all staged sex, it’s not actually real. What Do You Mean Porn […]
what is an orgasm
What is an Orgasm?
An orgasm is the sensation of intense sexual pleasure. It is often considered the climax or peak of sexual activities and is sometimes referred to as “cumming” or “climaxing”. Anyone can have an orgasm if they are feeling properly sexually stimulated. At this time there is no agreed upon, overarching explanation of orgasms. Health experts […]
what is the anatomy of the penis
Basic Anatomy of the Penis
The penis is the primary sex organ of one of the two types of reproductive organs commonly seen in humans. The penis is referred to by a number of different words, including some colorful slang. Some of the names people use for penis include, but not limited to, cock, wang, one-eyed wonder weasel, pecker, wood, […]
does materialism impact our relationships?
How Does Materialism Affect Our Relationships?
We live in a very materialistic world. In many parts of North America, there is a heavy pressure to have stuff. Some people measure success by what possessions a person has and are able to get. Many people seek partners who have materialistic comfort. They can be seen as desirable or ideal mates. But are […]
end rape culture
What is Rape Culture?
Rape culture is a toxic set of beliefs that are commonly held about the way the world is. It is a culture that normalizes sexual violence and just sees rape as inevitable, unavoidable and a totally normal thing. Rape culture supports and encourages male sexual aggression as well as violence against women and other groups. […]
do beliefs about love impact your relationships?
Do Beliefs About Love Impact Your Relationships?
There are lots of different ideas when it comes to love. Some people think that you need to work to maintain long-term relationships while others feel that love should be easy. So which is it? Is love hard work? Should it be hard? The truth is that the answer is a bit what you make […]